Driving Aquaculture Productivity

AQ1 Systems is the world leading supplier of sensor based feeding control technology for aquaculture.

Specialising in acoustic and optical sensing technology, AQ1 provides feeding control and sizing system solutions to aquaculture farms and researchers on 25 species of fish and shrimp.

The systems drive productivity by reducing FCR, increasing growth, minimising environmental outputs and improving consistency of size and flesh characteristics at harvest.

AQ1 has been developing production control technology for 20 years and takes pride in assisting our customers to produce outstanding results.


  • AQ1 moves HQ to Derwent Park
  • Aeration Control added to Sound Feeding System
  • 43% Productivity Gain for Shrimp Farmers - Global Survey
  • AM100 Fish Sizing and Counting System applied to new species
  • Kasetsart University - Efficiency study on 3 shrimp feeding techniques
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