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Documented Performance from Smart Sensor Systems

Documented Performance from Smart Sensor Systems

AQ1 optical and acoustic sensor systems produce results for fish farmers and aquaculture researchers in a broad variety of applications.

The technology is being used by leading aquaculture research facilities worldwide who require precise results in small cages, tanks and ponds through to leading industrial salmon farms with 160m circumference sea cages.

Results our customers have produced with AQ1 technology include:

  • Sonic Feeding System (SF200) produces 33% growth and 13% FCR gain on L.vannamei in Kasetsart University research
  • 30% growth improvement over industry average on L.styliostris in New Caledonia
  • 22.7t / ha equivalent production with black tiger prawns at Gold Coast Marine
  • Multiple wins in Skretting Norway Club 2 contest for lowest Feed Conversion Rates (FCR) on Atlantic salmon.
  • Best combined FCR and growth performance of Rainbow Trout in head to head trials with camera and doppler technology at the GIFAS research station in Norway.
  • Documented improvement in Atlantic salmon flesh and size consistency in trials with Biomar and Marine Harvest in Scotland.
  • 20% increase in growth on Red Sea Bream in government trials in Ehime prefecture in Japan.
  • Proven accuracy (<0.5% error) in measuring Bluefin Tuna in a series of independent trials in Australia and Japan.
  • 23% reduction in sediment carbon input in EU funded Sea Bass trials in Spain.
  • 15% reduction of FCR in EU funded trials on Sea Bream and Bass farms in Spain.