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Driving Aquaculture Productivity

Bronze IR Sensor

Infra Red Waste Feed Sensor

AQ1 Systems is dedicated to creating technology which increases productivity and reduces environmental impact in sea cage, pond and tank based Aquaculture. 

AQ1 Systems pioneered sensor based feeding control technology in the salmon sea cage industry with the Infra Red feed detection sensors and adaptive feeding control algorithms©. Ongoing commitment to research and development has lead to the release of video technology for feeding control and fish sizing in cages and  acoustic sensor systems for feeding control in pond and tank aquaculture.

In all our feeding systems the sensor analyses fish feeding rates and the adaptive control algorithms automatically adjust feed delivery rate to match fish needs. This process ensures that waste feed is eliminated and fish can achieve their growth potential while reducing variability in size and flesh characteristics at harvest and minimising the environmental footprint.

Our systems incorporate the latest in wireless communications and environmental monitoring capabilities to give the customer a complete analysis of feeding activity and environmental conditions on the farm or remotely through the internet.